Energy Saving Tips

With many people struggling with the energy price increases happening now and expected next year, here are our top tips with some useful links to help reduce your utility bills.

Understand your energy bill

The information on a typical energy bill can be confusing, but understanding it can go a long way to helping you get to grips with your energy use at home. Here are some bills explained.

Switching things off standby

You can save around £55 a year by turning your appliances off standby mode. Turn them off at the plug without upsetting their programming. Find out which appliances use the most energy in your home.

Draught-proof your windows and doors

Doors and windows, gaps around the floor, or through the chimney will lose heat in older houses. Get in touch with for help on this.

Professional draught-proofing of windows and doors and blocking cracks in floors and skirting boards can save around £45 a year on energy bills. DIY draught-proofing can be much cheaper.

Turn off lights

Turn your lights off when you’re not using them or when you leave a room. This will save you around £20 a year. Replacing all the lights in your home with LED bulbs could help you save even more.,cost%20of%20changing%20a%20lightbulb.

Careful with your washing

You can save around £28 a year from your energy bill just by using your washing machine more carefully. Use your machine on a 30-degree cycle instead of higher temperatures. Reduce your washing machine use by one run per week for a year.

Avoid the tumble dryer

Dry clothes on racks inside where possible or outside in warmer weather to save £60 a year.

Shorter showers

Have you timed your shower? Reducing shower time to just 4 minutes could save £70 a year.

Swap your bath for a shower

Swapping just one bath a week with a 4-minute shower could save you £12 a year on your energy bills.

Find out how saving water at home can help your wallet and the environment.

Be savvy in the kitchen

Kettles are one of the most used appliances in the kitchen. Avoid overfilling the kettle and save yourself £11 a year on your electricity bill. Fitting an aerator onto your existing kitchen tap will reduce the amount of water coming out without affecting how it washes or rinses. An aerator is a small gadget with tiny holes which attach to the spout of taps and could save you £25 a year.

Fill your dishwasher

Only run your dishwasher when it is full to reduce the amount of water you use. Reducing your dishwasher use by one run per week for a year could save you £14.